Living In Bolivia: Is It Dangerous?

Living In Bolivia: Is It Dangerous?

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Bolivia has many qualities in common with the other countries of South America. It is beautiful, charming but also with its fair share of economic and social problems.

It has one of the lowest crime rates in South America but is still not free of unique dangers to those who wish to travel to or settle down there.

While it is a great tourist destination as it provides great sights, lovely food and unique experiences, what is it like to live in the country? As an avid tourist determined to gain the experience of living in far-off lands, I decided to become a temporary resident of Bolivia and see for myself, what living in this country entails.

My Experience

I decided to make the city of La Paz. As stated above, the crime rate in this country is lower compared to some other parts of South America, I was still advised repeatedly to be on the lookout for petty thieves. They use unique tactics to indulge in pick-pocketing. So, it is necessary to keep your wallet safe and not trust anyone who comes towards you to help.

Going around the safe side of the city

Another important thing to remember for me was that this is not the place for a great night-life. Yes, there are many great clubs and restaurants but for a foreigner to venture out after dark is full of dangers. On top of that, some of the bars indulge in illegally serving narcotics like Cocaine and specifically target foreigners. If you happen to be at one such bar when a raid takes place, you could end up being arrested for no reason.

Overall, I had a good experience because the people were friendly and I was more than willing to take their advice and avoid visiting those areas of the city which are unsafe. If you do that, the country offers a great experience. So, enjoy it but don’t abandon your alertness at any time.

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