About Me

About Me

I am a proud Frenchman but one that is possessed by an incurable wanderlust. But what separates me from other avid travelers is my desire to travel to places which don’t figure on the usual tourist map.

This has led me to visit some of the most unknown places in the world as well as those areas which are considered too dangerous for people to visit, including war zones.

One thing that I have discovered is that there is no dearth of natural beauty and wonders of nature in this great planet of ours. Those countries which have never attracted tourists contain as great sights as those that can be found anywhere.

What’s more, these places are much cheaper than the expensive ones so you don’t have to hurt your budget or burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy their charms.

So, I combine a spirit of adventurism with an economical outlook to discover hidden gems in the geography of the world.

My Ambition

There is no dearth of travel magazines, travel shows and travel columns of newspapers. So, what is different about what I am offering here to my readers? It is the details of the kind of experiences that none of the other travel writers are covering.

I strictly believe that travelling shouldn’t just be about comfort and relaxation. Instead, it should also be about discovering different types of people and various cultures. It should be about experiencing humanity in its most varied forms.

When you visit an area dealing with a crisis, like the battered middle-east or the poverty-struck areas of Africa, you see human endurance at its peak and realise the great comfort you are living in. You also develop a sense of fraternity and feel that just because a person belongs to a different nationality, different religion and has a different skin color, he isn’t any less a human than you.

I aim to bring the unseen diversity of this world to your eyes and take you to places that 99% of the travelers would never imagine visiting. I will give you vivid account of my experiences and the special qualities of those regions.

So, get ready to explore the world like you have never done before with me.

I understand that some of you would like me to also cover those areas of the world which are more well-known and receive a decent trickle of tourists. I wouldn’t mind doing that and if I visit any of these places, I would certainly put out the information for you all to see. But in most cases I will be taking the path less treaded upon.

There is so much to this beautiful world of ours that we don’t know and I have taken the responsibility to educate people about the hidden wonders of the world. As I said, my trips are not simply about seeing new places but also exploring how people in different parts of the world cope with the daily challenges facing them. This is my ultimate ambition.