UNICEF is doing a reasonably good job but a lot more remains to be done. So, let’s continue backing its efforts and also pressurizing the governments around the world to try and bring this conflict to a speedy end.

Some elites are well-entrenched in the power structure and puts its own benefits above those of the common people.

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My story about the challenges living in Chibok, Nigeria. As an avid explorer, I decided to know more about the place and discover it personally.

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One thing that I have discovered is that there is no dearth of natural beauty and wonders of nature in this great planet of ours. Those countries which have never attracted tourists contain as great sights as those that can be found anywhere. A country so deeply dependent on agriculture has to be greatly vulnerable to climate change.

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Thickumz - Slim & Fit Girls

Thickumz – Slim & Fit Girls

Thickumz – this is one of many things I discovered while visiting other countries. Girls with slim, sporty bodies, yet their curves are properly sculptured in proper places. You can see them fooling around in the public, yet once they get locked in the room with their partners they become a little bit… freaky! 🙂